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Retirement Income Planning

STEW Process:  
Smart Tax Efficient Withdrawal Process
(For Near Retirees and Retirees)

  • Retirement Budget and Cash flow
    • Create a budget
    • Identify payment plan for remaining debt
    • Set aside 1-2 years of expenses in cash (saving/checking, CDs and money market)
      • To cover large unexpected expenses
      • To bridge a market correction or a prolonged period of market volatility 
  • Maximizing Income - Is there enough income from Pension, Social Security and Annuities, to cover the fixed costs identified in the budget?
  • For Remaining Fixed Costs and Discretionary Expenses
    • Develop tax sensitive spend down plan for accounts
      • Employer plan(s)
      • IRAs
      • Roth IRAs
      • Taxable Brokerage Accounts
    • Insurance - Cash Value Policies
  • Tax Bracket – create enough income to meet the budget but avoid or minimize adding income that will taxed at the next higher bracket
  • Additional Income 
    • Home Equity – is a sale, downsize and/or refinance part of the plan?
    • Rental Income – how much can be attributable to retirement income?
    • Business Sale – how are proceeds being paid?
    • Part Time Employment

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