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Faith Based Investors

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If you're seeking to align your investments with your Christian values, our Faith-Based fund models offer a solution. These models enable you to invest in companies that align closely with your morals, principles and beliefs.

Some goals you may be working toward:

  • Building a retirement plan that supports your lifestyle
  • Protecting your family members
  • Eliminating and minimizing debt
  • Funding college for children 

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions 

Q:  Do you want to align your values with your investment portfolio?

S:  We can show you faith-based strategies for every type of account type.

Q:  How can I stay focused on my financial goals and plans?

S:  We can keep you on track with a cash flow plan or a comprehensive financial plan. 

Q:  Are you interested in reducing your taxes?

S:   We will use our tax analysis program to carefully review tax strategies and Tax Savings Opportunities.
S:   We can also help you set up a Donor Advised Fund to save taxes and fund your giving commitments. 

Q: How can I best manage my 401(k) or other workplace retirement plan?

S:  We offer professional portfolio management of 401(k), 401(1), 403(b), 457 or TSP plans. 

Q:  What's the best way to protect my family?

S:  We can assess your needs and help you find the best insurance product(s) for you. 

Q: How can I ensure adequate college funding for my children?

S:  We have great resources to help you prepare for college funding and cut costs.

The HFA Experience

When meeting with HFA, you can expect an informative session focused on discussing your financial goals, looking at your current financial situation, and developing plan of action for the next steps.

In preparation for our meeting, we will first get some basic information from you, capture questions, and then ask you to complete our HFA Fact Finder. 

During our Introductory meeting, we will review your current financial situation, discuss best fit services and products, and wrap up with a suggested plan of action.

To get started, schedule your complimentary call using our form below.