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Are you looking to position yourself for a solid financial future throughout your retirement years? We provide retirement income planning, IRA/Roth IRA account management, tax-efficient withdrawal strategies, and Social Security/Medicare coaching, tailored specifically for retirees.

Some goals you may be working toward:

  • Travel and new experiences
  • Start/enjoy hobbies
  • Volunteer/mentor 
  • Spend time with grandchildren 

Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions 

Q:  Do you want to ensure you don't run out of money?

S:  We will help you prepare a post-retirement income plan.


Q:  What about Health Care?

S:  We will explore all your options, including Medicare, and Long Term Care.

S:  Our insurance team can help you select the best Medigap plan. 


Q:  Do you have questions about Social Security?

S:  We can help you learn how to Optimize Your Social Security Benefits.

Q: Do you have any legacy giving goals for your children, grandchildren and/or charities?

S:  We can help you prepare a plan that fits your values and goals. 

The HFA Experience

When meeting with HFA, you can expect an informative session focused on discussing your financial goals, looking at your current financial situation, and developing plan of action for the next steps.

In preparation for our meeting, we will first get some basic information from you, capture questions, and then ask you to complete our HFA Fact Finder.

During our Introductory meeting, we will review your current financial situation, discuss best fit services and products, and wrap up with a suggested plan of action.

To get started, schedule your complimentary call using our form below.